VOTE for me to work towards:

Getting GPs at the heart of Australia’s Primary Care Model


  • Improve GP remuneration
  • Reduce GP burn-out
  • Improve health outcomes for Australians

Making sure the College has GPs backs


  • Focusing on members’ needs
  • Responsiveness in crises.

Driving innovation and opportunity into our profession


  • Investment and leadership in technology and research.

My vision is to put GPs at the heart of Australia’s Primary Care Model.

My vision is of an invigorated RACGP that elevates how the community and the government perceive the work we do. So much of what we do as GPs is invisible and the current health reform agenda has already been set by Government (2019), so unless we are aware and aligned, we will fail to achieve any tangible benefit for GPs to address the key issues facing General Practice.

Others within the primary care sector are competing to become the first point of contact with the health system, yet lack the expertise. This confuses the public and we are left to manage their failures,  with poor remuneration and burnout because the size of the problem has become bigger.

We have the opportunity to reveal to the government how funding general practice better supports each pillar of the long term National Health Strategy (2019). COVID19 has provided RACGP with many ‘teachable moments’ that reinforce our key role in the health of the nation and provides new urgency for the integrated care issue which our rural and remote GP colleagues understand well.

Tough times are ahead for us all and the whole Nation is under immense pressure to find solutions to its problems.

Championing the GP cause for improved remuneration is going to be difficult and requires strategic insights which my contribution to many areas of the health sector, proves I have.

We are the peak health specialists in the primary care sector, yet are the only group mandated to charge Medicare rebates only. Our workload is becoming more complex and time-consuming, yet remuneration does not reflect our expertise. Correction of this needs bold leadership that understands what the drivers for change are for each stakeholder.

We have been having the same discussion for many years, yet haven’t achieved this in a meaningful way and it’s going to get harder.

This is why I am stepping up to drive this outcome.

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Putting GPs at the heart of Australia’s Primary Care Model

  • Improve GP remuneration, reduce GP burn-out and
  • Improve health outcomes for Australians, concurrently.


The issues:

Others within the primary care sector are competing to become the first point of contact with the health system,  yet lack the expertise. This confuses the public and we are left to manage their failures, with poor remuneration and burnout because the size of the problem has become bigger.

Despite higher medical student numbers, there are fewer GP trainees. This is a risk to the cornerstone of our health system.


The actions I will take:

Help the government understand...

We need to help the government understand that our impact on all levels of the health care system should not be measured by Medicare item number billings alone.  This value does not reflect the positive health outcomes we achieve at the other end. We need to provide evidence in a language that the government understands.

Research informs decisions...

Research informs their decisions. Primary care-based research is poorly funded, so we need to agree to collaborate with primary care research bodies around the nation, who share a vision for this.

Secure a healthy future...

It is the only way, we are to secure a healthy future for the profession.

General practice led health reform...

WONCA advocates for General practice led health reform based upon research. We should too.

PHNs - they are here to stay...

PHNs – they are here to stay.  Government has committed $1.45 billion over 3 years to plan and commission mental health, which relates to the 3rd Pillar of Australia’s Long Term National Health Plan (2019). PHNs are frequently referenced in this agreement.

Mandate that GPs are on the board...

We need to mandate that GPs are on their board and that PHNS are general practice centred.


Making sure the College has GPs’ backs

  • Focus on members’ needs;
  • Responsiveness in crises.


The issues:  

The member needs must be at the heart of the organisation, otherwise the fees charged each year don’t make sense.

CPD fees – charges to administer CPD – can RACGP still justify this without providing personalised membership services?


The actions I will take:

Make the board vulnerable and accessible...

Make the board vulnerable and accessible: coordinate ‘fire-side’ chats via webinar.

Member voices need to be responded to...

Give members the opportunity to have questions answered and to hear about the topics that are relevant to them, in informal and interactive sessions with our President, Board and CEO, facilitated by a moderator. Member voices need to be responded to.

RACGP Crisis Management Resource...

An RACGP Crisis Management On-demand Resource, accessible to members via an App/ desktop alert, is necessary. An end-to-end advisory service for members who have suffered loss during this time would help affected GPs on the roadmap to recovery. It can become our National go-to centre.

Tailored membership products...

RACGP to provide membership products tailored by our members, to meet their needs.


Driving innovation and opportunity into our profession

  • Investment and leadership toward technology and research.

The issues:  

COVID19 has revealed is how underprepared the world is to respond.

The actions I will take:

Now is the time for real-time analytics...

Now is the time for real-time analytics as part of our day-to-day practice. If we don’t harness and develop technology that delivers this now, we will be asleep at the wheel whilst large corporates further encroach on the primary care sector.

Translate the collective effort of 41,000 GPs...

Unless we translate how the collective effort of 41,000 GPs, who bill the 423,900 Medicare item numbers daily around Australia, impacts better health and each of the Four Pillars of the Long Term National Health Plan (2019), our achievements are diffused by Government concerns around the growing GDP percentage directed to fund health.

Develop innovative purpose-built systems...

RACGP can partner with industry and Health Informatics departments, within the Research Consortium to develop innovative purpose-built systems. The scope is endless.

Measure our efforts in healthcare outcomes...

Our impact on all levels of the health care system is considered of high importance but of low value in comparison to our other specialist colleagues. Currently, only 8% of the health budget is allocated to general practice and in other countries, this is up as high as 10-13%.  Our efforts are measured in Medicare item number billings and not by how this equates to health outcomes.

Consortium for Health Reform...

This is the opportunity for us to lead GP research by establishing a national Primary Care Research-based Consortium for Health Reform.

These research bodies exist, do exceptional work

WONCA advocates for health reform to be led by GPs.


I have been on the RACGP Expert Committee Quality care for several years and before that on the e-Health committee. I have been on the council as chair of Women in GP and on National boards of government-funded health organisations and I don’t shy away from difficult topics.

I don’t shy away from difficult topics.

For many years, I have been the nominated spokesperson on an array of health issues for media and have represented the college at senate enquiries, National Health Framework reforms, I have coordinated events, teach and write education modules.

My first job always is to understand the problem. You can only achieve this by listening.

When it comes to the members, I will represent their voice.

I see the big picture not just the problem and use my leadership skills with insight. Understanding the drivers for change of each stakeholder gives me the strategic advantage in negotiations.

When it comes to the board, I will question everything that is said and ensure that the decisions made are member-focused.

Vote me for me, I am known for getting the job done.

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